Friday, October 29, 2010

those strangers who add you on facebook.

ever heard of axxxx axxxx, fxxxx hxxxxx or axxxx axx? if you have facebook, i'm sure you heard of them. how can you not? they add every single people who have a facebook account. 

memang ada orang suka add semua orang dalam facebook. memang ada orang suka target some group of people. contohnya dia add semua orang yang study overseas. ada yang suka add perempuan hot/cantik. ada yang suka pilot. ada yang memang saja pasal nak tambah bilangan friends.

and you, being too lazy to check from whom does the friend request came from, just click 'CONFIRM'. 

once i used to be that kind of facebook user. in friendster as well. approve saja semua yang add saya. what harm can be done? kenal di alam maya saja. lagipun saya rasa hot bila tiba-tiba segerombolan friend requests datang.

but then i watched an episode of Criminal Minds, di mana serial killer itu target perempuan yang dia kenal through social network sites. and he raped them, and killed them. since then,i deleted every single unknown name or face in my facebook account, and i deleted my friendster account. and i just click 'NOT NOW' for any strangers that add me at my facebook. 

cuba fikir. di facebook,anda letak semua gambar-gambar anda. gambar posing, gambar keluarga, gambar di rumah, gambar di sekolah, gambar melepak, gambar pergi shopping. pendek kata, every step of your life kau akan letak gambar. all these pictures form a pattern: where you hang out and where you live in, how you live your life, what kind of life are you living in. 

from what i learned by watching criminal minds, the killer recognize this pattern, and they use this pattern to target you. kalau 8 album anda tunjuk anda hang out di starbucks OU setiap malam jumaat. it's not hard for them to sit there and wait for you, then follow you home. gambar anda tunjuk rumah anda besar ada kereta 8 bijik. it's not hard for them to search for your house and rompak. 

and when you add strangers, they get access to your pictures. ALL OF THEM. and GOD KNOWS what they did with your pictures. jangan terkejut kalau gambar anda yang anda rasa hot tu, diguna pakai sesetengah pervert untuk memuaskan nafsu diorang. it's a STRANGE world we are living in. 

saya rasa semua masih ingat tentang tragedi axxxx axxxx, seorang lelaki yang menyamar jadi perempuan, letak gambar-gambar perempuan alim. dia add semua perempuan dalam facebook saya rasa. kawan-kawan sampai 3,000+. kemudian dia mesej/chat perempuan-perempuan yang dia add, dan konon menyamar cakap dia nak tips tips berasmara dengan suami. one of my friend lashed out when he started talking about oh those position on bed,and this psycho send threatening message to her. 

and oh those pervert remarks and stupid comments on your pictures by those strangers. euw. 

the same goes for twitter and foursquare.
I've read somewhere in discovery magazine that foursquare can be hacked so that these robbers can get the exact position where you are and find you to rob you. 

so kawan-kawan, saya nasihatkan edit your friends and remove those unknown people from your facebook. tak rasa pelik ke diorang tiba-tiba nak add kau walau tak kenal? don't it ever occur to you why these people tak pernah nak letak gambar diorang sendiri tapi asyik letak gambar pemandangan, poster etc. apa point and motif diorang?some of them might be nice, but some of them certainly not. 

and to my blog readers who add me at my facebook, some of you add the wrong Azyan Liyana, and even if you do add me, i can't approve your friend request. kita berkenalan di sini saja, okay?

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