Monday, August 09, 2010

if all the raindrops were gumdrops.

agu ini, mungkin jarang2 didengari di sini.
tapi sejak kembar sukakan lagu barney, dan aku pasang dvd barney berulang kali satu hari, this song automatically become my favourite song.because it got meaningful lyrics.
If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops?
Oh what a rain that would be.
Standing outside with my mouth open wide.
If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops?
Oh what a rain that would be. 
if life are too kind, and if life is smooth sailing, oh how nice life would be.
at this point of life, oh how i wish, that life will be kind to me.that it will give only gumdrops and lemon drops instead of raindrops.
that it will only give happiness and i will just go through life without having to worry,
that it will only give joy and i will just sit back, relax and wait or everything to fall on my lap.
that it will sail the way i want it to be, without having to worry how bumpy the road will be. 

some people, i've got to admit,their life is one smooth road, they can do no wrong.everything they touch turn to gold.everything they love, will love them back.everything they live for, will work for them.

i, unfortunately, am not one of them. i'm far from being anything like that.
oh how i wish, life will be kind to me.

my father sat down with me just now and told me.
that hardships were meant to teach us how to be stronger. 
and that second chances are meant to teach us how to better.
and that mistakes are meant to teach us how to be both

you can't always get what you want. and to me, it is not wrong to settle with what you have, and not aim for more. it's called 'go with the flow.'

i may still be far away from what i want.i may made some mistakes in the journey of knowing myself.of knowing love, of knowing life.i may stumbled upon some rocks and slipped into some waterhole, but i like to believe that i can get myself up, on my own, with the help of my loved ones. i am not perfect, and nobody expect me to be one.

but i learned a few lessons along the way.

one, that it is WRONG to hurt other people in order to get something that you want. especially if the something that you want is not even yours to begin with in the first place.tak berkat.

two, that if you want people to treat you the way you want to be treated, you have to treat other people and treat yourself the way you want to be treated. think; 'am i going to like it if somebody else did this to me?'

three, that if people doesn't love you the way you want them too, that doesn't mean they doesn't love you with all they have.

four, that you have to learn how to forgive and forget. how to let go. how to move forward. how to cherish the good things and how to control so that the bad things don't get to you.

five, that in the end, everything falls on you.the ultimate result depends on you and the way you handle it. and of course, with Allah's will. 


so, like the song said, life will be filled with hardships like raindrops,and you gotta be ready to take it with your mouth is open wide, and remind yourself that even if it is bitter at first, in the end the hardships will teach you a sweet lesson like the taste of gumdrops and lemon drops. 

that is why i love barney so much when i was little.i still do.

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